The Difference Between Nuclear Engineers in Developing Nations and Developed Nations

When one thinks about Nuclear Engineering and what it means to the world one does not really realize how different it is according to the economic situation of the country. When reading the interview performed by Francesca, to a retired nuclear engineer that had worked in many areas, meaning that he had lots of experience, and compare to the interview Diego did, to a nuclear engineer that couldn't even practice his profession, one understands how different the worlds can be. The first of these nuclear engineers worked and developed his career in the United States while the second one in Peru. This is strong prove that the economic situation of the country decides whether or not the career can be practiced. When we look at the technical aspects of the career one comprehends that the major reason it is not practiced in developing nations is because they don't have the facilities for its practice. Ironically, the first interviewed man was already retired, which showed that he had more than sixty years of age. The career of nuclear engineering in Peru, Colombia, Paraguay, Mongolia and other developing nations has been implemented in universities the past five years if at all.

One could think that science is going to open its way through in these developing countries. What most of us don't know is that if these countries keep on living in the shadow of the world powers, then progress will never be achieved.


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