The wind blew and bellowed on that dreary February day. The three wondered and wandered down the road of possibility. The assignment: to research something-- something of nuclearly entwined dimensions, mind you, but something nevertheless.

Fast forward a few days and stumble upon a decision. So begins an attempt to discover the field of Nuclear Engineering, as you may have imagined upon glancing at the big, bold title.

The field of nuclear engineering has become an important and elite course of study since the discovery of fission. Through the highs and lows of nuclear discovery, nuclear scientists create new ways for humanity to harvest vast quantities of energy for further civilization. But what exactly does this entail? Does a nuclear engineer create power or add to the detriment of society by bringing us closer to a nuclear cataclysm? We will answer these questions by investigating the job description, the education, and the direction the field is headed for future generations.